Welcome to Next Generation Democracy

Our purpose: To raise awareness and drive change by leveraging new technologies to improve democratic processes.

Test out our prototype on the Future Readiness Index

The solution rank members of the european parliament after how active they are on future ready subjects like AI ethics, innovation and sustainable energy. Subjects are currently the result of a crowd sourcing campaign, however we would like to allow all citizens to make their own personal index with their preferences in the future. Try it out and let us know what works and what could be even better.

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Overall background and Diagnosis

Our global society is undergoing tremendous change. People are connected like never before, life expectancy is increasing, and technological inventions which up until yesterday were seen as science fiction, are now available to the general public every day.
It is however not all positive. In the western world the democratic way in which we run society is under pressure as nationalism and populism is on the rise, while the trust that the populations have in politicians and political systems is decreasing. The challenges are amplified as a lot of people feel that they are not receiving their share of increased wealth that is created, and that the technological developments that should be empowering them are instead leaving them behind. We wish to turn this development around. At NextGen Democracy, we use technology to make democracy work for all of us. 

What we do

Overall our activities fall into the following categories:

Global dem-tech data base

We try to map the all the great initiatives, ideas and organisations of similarly minded people within the democracy and technology ecosystem

Democracy + Technology Cafes

We facilitate workshop sessions and host events about relevant topics to make people aware of the change that is happening and inspire them to join the cause

Experiment with Technological Change

We identify opportunities for leveraging technology for the betterment of society and test the identified opportunities through simple experiments. If the results are positive we will scale and implement.

We get inspired

We interview global thought leaders in the space to get their perspectives to fuel the public dialog we are starting.


Please review our upcoming and previous events

DemTech Cafe – Could states be replaced by virtual countries?

As the challenges that we are facing are increasingly global in nature we need to come up with new types of democratic solutions that are equally able to work on a global scale. We will hear from Madeline Hung who was one of the founders of “Good Country”. Madeline will tell us about the project, and what we can learn from the challenges and opportunities that the digital country created.

DemTech Cafe – direct democracy in practice

In this session we will explore the topic of direct democracy in practice as we will be joined by Sylvia Brune who started App-Partiet to bring direct democracy to Denmark.

DemTech Cafe – How social media challenge democracy

Social media platforms like Facebook and Google are financed by advertising – in short they earn their money by keeping us on their sites as long as possible and by showing us what other people are paying for us to see.

DemTech Cafe – global trends in DemTech with Alex Gladstein

Across the world technology such as encrypted communication and blockchain based voting systems are being developed to support democratic processes. In this Technology+Democracy Café we will get an update on the global DemTech scene from Alex Gladstein who has a unique global overview of the space.

DemTech Cafe – AIs impact on the police and criminal justice system

In our first Technology+Democracy Café of 2019 we will focus on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the police and our criminal justice systems. A topic that has profound impact on each and every one of us and that is highly relevant locally with the latest investment of the Danish government in the Polintel system from Palantir.

DemTech Cafe – blockchain based voting and peer-to-peer democracy

n this session we look very much forward to welcome Paula Berman from Democracy.earth which is an organization primarily working out of South America to promote borderless peer-to-peer democracy leveraging open-source technology. Paula will share insights from their work and inspire us with perspectives on how their technology can advance democracy around the world.

DemTech Cafe – insights into online disinformation and manipulation

Disinformation and manipulation online are some of the key challenges that our democracy is currently facing.
In this session we are excited to invite you to meet one of the global authorities on the subject as we will be joined virtually by Samantha Bradshaw from the “Computational Propaganda Project” at Oxford.

The organization

In short we are an organization comprised of people who wish to take action and leverage technology to improve democracy. We are physically based in Denmark but we consist of people from all over the world and we wish to work across geographical boundaries and collaborate with anyone who share our purpose. We hope you join us.

Our Team

A core group of six people from consulting, technology and the startup community. We see the disruption technology causes in our work, and now want to use it to secure our democratic future. 

Michael B. Jensen, 

Co-founder and leader

Michael has more than ten years of experience working with cutting edge technology and is driving projects in both the private and public sector and across most of Europe. This gives him front row seats to the technological future and its impact on society at large.
His background includes a master in Strategy and Organisational Dynamics as well as a CEMS-master in international management, and he has developed his entrepreneurial mindset starting both businesses and NGOs.

Simren S. Dhaliwal


Simren has more than 4+ years of professional experience in the consulting world at Accenture and KPMG working with cutting edge technology – across Europe and Asia. Through his work he sees the possibilities and challenges that come with new technology, as well as the impact they have on our businesses and societies.
Prior to his consulting role, Simren co-founded a medical device start-up in the United States.

Kristian T. Madsen


 Kristian is a passionate corporate intrapreneur. Over the past 10 years he has been working on transforming large organisations into the digital age, through both reshaping business models with new technologies and operating models through agile strategy, delivery and leadership. Having lived abroad in Kenya he recognize the value of stable political systems, but also highly value societies with a high entrepreneurial spirit which he seeks to encourage. As many of the other core members of Next Generation Democracy he is worried about the society shift that disruptive technologies is driving these years and seeks solutions of enhancing the democratic process and public dialogue in a time of uncertainty.

Gerasimos Koulouris


Gerasimos has mixed professional experiences from consulting and the private sector. Currently he is part of R&D Strategy  in Novo Nordisk, working with cross-functional IT and organisational projects to improve the agility of the company. He has been directly involved in various start-ups and NGOs in Greece and Denmark within engineering, energy, digital solutions, branding and event planning. He strongly believes that the challenges we are facing are not technological; they are cultural.

Mia Negru


Mia has more than 10 years of experience working with entrepreneurship, from co-founding, community building to training and start-up consulting. As an active citizen and member of numerous organisations in the civil society, she has an explorative focus on how society is impacted by technology and how to harness today’s advancements for tomorrow’s policies. She is also co-founder at 2030 Builders. Her background includes a MSc in International Business and Politics with a minor in Sustainability.

Johannes Bull Haraldsen


Johannes has extensive international experience having lived in six different countries and undertaking his degree in International Relations at renowned institutions such as Lubin School of Business in New York and at the London School of Economics. As a student has worked at Thomson Reuters in London and co-founded an Global Affairs organization in Madrid. He is currently working in IT for a Danish SaaS Cloud company. He is interested in the intricate relationship between economics, technology and political science that is currently playing out across the world, with a special focus on the long-term effects of technology on globalization.

How you can get involved:

We have created a growing community of 200+ attending events, contributing to the dialog and raising awareness on how technology is and will impact our democratic processes.

For those who are interested, we suggest attending one of our upcoming events.
Alternatively, you are welcome to contact us via email or the contact form below.

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